Cable Companies Starting With "D"
Starting with "Da"
Daburn Electronics & Cable Corp. (New Jersey)
Dacon Systems Inc. (California)
Dacota Condutores Elétricos Ltda. (Not in English) (Brazil)
Daewon Cable Co., Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea)
Daikou Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Daneva Máquinas e Condutores Elétricos Ltda (Not in English) (Brazil)
Dansk El-Varme Industri (DEVI) (Denmark)
Data Cable Co. Inc., The ( Orangeville, Ontario, Canada )
Datacom Cable Technologies PTE LTD (A Draka now Prysmian Company)(Singapore)
Datwyler Cables + Systems (Germany)
Dazheng Wire & Cable Mfg. Ltd. (China)
De Angeli Prodotti S.p.A (Italy)
Dearborn Wire and Cable, Inc. (Now part of the AlphaWire Company) (Illinois)
Deca Cables Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
DeCorp Americas, Inc. Now owned by Southwire (Tennessee)
Deepak Cables (India) Limited (Bangalore, India)
Dekoron Wire and Cable (A member of the Marmon Group of Companies) (Texas)
Delphi Technologies Inc. (Michigan)
Delco Wire and Cable Corporation (Philippines)
Delton Cables Limited (India)
Demirer Kablo A.S. (Turkey)
Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. (Formerly Diamond Cables Ltd.) (Vadodara, Gujarat, India)
Starting with "Do"
Doha Cables (A subsiduary of Elsewedy Cables & Aamal) (Nuiaja Area Doha, Qatar)
Dominion Wire & Cables Limited (Yalalevu, Fiji Islands)
Domtech Inc. (Trenton, Ontario, Canada)
Doncaster Cables (Doncaster, UK)
Dong Il Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Dongguan Nissen Cable Co.,Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)
Dongguan Pine-Tum Enterprise Co., Ltd. (China)
Donne Draad B.V. (Not in English) (Netherlands)
Drahtwerk Waidhaus GmbH (Germany)
Draka Cables Industrial, S.A., (Barcelona, Spain) (Not In English)
Draka Comteq USA, Inc. (Chromatic Technologies, Helix/ Hitemp Cables) (A Prysmain- Alcatel Joint Venture) (Massachusetts)
Draka Denmark Optical Cable A/S (A Prysmian Company)(Denmark)
Draka Fibre Technology B.V. (A Prysmian Company)(Holland)
Draka Fileca (A Prysmian Company)(France)
Draka Foptica (A Prysmian Company)(France)
Draka Holding N.V. (A Prysmian Company)(Netherlands)
Draka Kabel AB (A Prysmian Company)(Sweden) (Not in English)
Draka Kabely s.r.o. (A Prysmian Company)(Poland)
Draka Multimedia Cable (A Prysmian Company)(Germany)
Draka Norsk Kabel AS (A Prysmian Company)(Norway)
Draka Paricable (A Prysmian Company)(France)
Draka UK Ltd (A Prysmian Company) (United Kingdom)
Draka Cableteq USA (BIW Cables, Draka Elevator Products)(A Prysmian Company) (Massachusetts)
Ducab - Dubai Cable Co. (PVT) Ltd. ( Dubai,United Arab Emirates)
Dyden Corporation (Japan)

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