Cable Companies Starting With "E"
Starting with "Ea"
East African Cables Limited (Nairobi, Kenya)
East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
Eastern Cables Limited (Patenga, Chittagong, Bangladesh)
Eastern Wire + Conduit (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada) (A Tyco International LTD. Company)
Easy Heat Ltd. (Connecticut)
ECN Cable Group S.L. (Spain)
Ederfil, S.COOP (Spain)
Egytech Cables Co. (A Division of El Sewedy Cables) (Egypt)
Egytech Telecom Cables & Networks Co. (A Division of El Sewedy Industries) (Egypt)
EIS Wire & Cable Co. (Massachusetts)
Ekinler Elektronik San.Ltd.Sti. (Turkey and Russia)
EKS Isodraht GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Starting with "El"
(Elecon) Telesistemas ELECON, C.A. (Not in English) (Venezuela)
Electro Cable Egypt Co. (Egypt)
Electro Cables Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
Electrocable Works Ltd. (Russia) (Not in English)
Electro Conductores Especiales, S.A. de C.V. (ECESA) (Mexico)
Electro-Draad B.V. (ELDRA) (A Division of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding TKH) (Netherlands) (Not in English)
Elektro-Feindraht AG (Switzerland)
Eletro Metalúrgica Ciafundi Ltda (Not in English) (Brazil)
Electron Cables (Pakistan)
Elektrisola (Germany)
Elettronica Conduttori s.r.l. (Not in English) (Italy)
Elix-Cable (Not in English) (Russia)
ELKABEL JSC (Bulgaria)
ELKA International Ltd (New Taipei City, Taiwan)
Elka kabeli d.o.o. (Croatia)
Elkond HHK, a.s. (Slovakia)
El Sewedy Cables (Egypt)
Starting with "Em"
Encore Wire Limited (Texas)
Energya Cables (Cairo, Egypt) (A Division of Energya Industries) (Formerly ElSewedy Industries)
Ernst & Engbring Kabeltechnik(A Division of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding TKH) (Germany)
Epsillon Cables Pvt. Ltd. (Nagpur, Maharashtra) (India)
ER-BAKIR Elektrolitik Bakir Mamulleri A.S. (Turkey)
Ericsson AB (Falun,Sweden)
Erse Kablo (Istanbul, Turkey)
Eurocable Group d.d. (Zagreb, Croatia)
Euro Cable Plc. (Ethiopia)
Europa Metalli S.p.A. (Italy) now KME Italy S.p.A
Evana Cables Industries Ltd. (Shampur, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Everest Wire Industry (Nepal)
EXSYM Corporation (Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.) (Japan)
Exeed Industries (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
Extending Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

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