Cable Companies Starting With "H"
Starting with "Ha"
Haani Cables Limited (United Kingdom)
Habia Cable Company (Sweden)
HaiTeng Cable CO. Ltd. (China)
Hangzhou Lin'an Jinling Cable Co.,Ltd ( Jinling Cable ) (Zhejiang, China)
Hangzhou Tianba Electronic Co., Ltd. (China)
Hanshin Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Harbour Industries, Inc. (A Member of The Marmon Group of Companies) (Vermont)
Hartland Cables (Consolidated Manufacturing Industries Ltd (CMI),) (Australia)
Has Çelik ve Halat San. Tic. A.S. (Turkey)
Havell's India Limited (India)
Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing Corporation (Massachusetts)
Hayes Industries, Ltd. (Texas)
Hebei New Baofeng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd (Hejian City, China)
HeeSung Cable Ltd. (Korea)
HeFei XingChen Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd.(China)
Helkama Bica (Finland)
Hellenic Cables S.A. (Greece)
Helukabel (Germany)
Henan Jiapu Cable Co., Ltd (Zhengzhou, China)
Henan Leshan Cable Co., Ltd. (Henan, China)
Henan Qunxin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Gongyi City, China)
Hendrix Wire and Cable, Inc. (A Member of The Marmon Group of Companies) (New Hampshire)
Hengtai Industrial Ltd. (Xi'an City, China)
Hengtong Group Co., Ltd (China)
Henry Cables Limited (Shanghai, China)
Hes Hacilar Elektrik Sanayi VE TicaretT A.S. (Hes Kablo AS) (Turkey)
Heshan City Tehsing Huanchiu Electric Cable Co. Ltd. (China)
Hew-CDT Kabel (A Belden CDT Company) (Germany)
Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect System (Hudiksvall, Sweden) (Not in English)
Starting with "Hi"
Hien Electric Industries, Ltd. (Japan)
Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. - Optical Fiber Cable (India)
Hindalco Industries Limited (Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai, Indai)
Hindustan Cables Limited (India)
Hindusthan Vidydt Products Limited (Formerly The Aluminum Cables Ltd.) (India)
Hirakawa Hewtech Corp. (Japan)
Hitachi Bangkok Cable Co., Ltd. (A Division of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.) (Thailand)
Hitachi Cable, Ltd. (Japan)
Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. (A Division of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.) (New Hampshire)
Hitech Products Private Limited (Falcon Cables) (New Delhi, India)
HM Wire International Inc. (Litz Wire) (Ohio)
HNC Co. Ltd. (Dongguan Nissen Cable Co.,Ltd.) (Hong Kong, China)
Hold-Key Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Honeywell Cable (USA)
Hong Tai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
Howag Kabel AG (Not in English) (Switzerland)
HPM Kabel GmbH (A Division of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding TKH) (Germany)
HPM Kabel GmbH (HPM Cables Sarl.)(A Division of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding TKH) (France)
Hua Eng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Huber & Suhner AG (Switzerland)
Hueson Corporation (Northbridge, Massachusetts)
Huizhou Golden Ocean Magnet Wire Factory (Huizhou City, Guandong Province, China)
Hulas Wire Industries Ltd. (A member of the Golchha Organization) (Biratnagar, Nepal)
Huzhou Shangfu Wire & Cable High Technology Co., Ltd - FR Cable (Lahore, Pakistan)
Hydrocable Systems Limited (United Kingdom)

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