Cable Companies Starting With "I"
Starting with "Ia"
I.C.E.L. (Conduttori di Energie) COOP (Italy)
Icon Cables (New Delh, India)
Icon Insulations PVT. LTD. (Bangalore, India)
Iljin Electric (South Korea)(Use Internet Explorer)
IMI Scott Ltd (United Kingdom)
Indeco S A (Not in English) (Peru)
Induscabos Condutores Elétricos Ltda (Brazil)
Industria Navarra de Cables Eléctricos, S.A. (INCASA) (Spain)
Industrial Wire & Cable Corp. (Lake Zurich, Illinois)
Indústrias Cunha Barros, S.A. (Portugal)
Industrias Pevi, S.A (Not in English) (Spain)
Industrias Plásticas Numancia, S.L. (Not in English) (Spain)
Industrifil (France)
Interamericana de Cables Venezuela (CABEL) (Venezuela)
Intercond Spa (Italy) (A Nexans Company)
International Electric Wires Phils. Corp. (A Sumitomo Electric company) (Tarlac, Philippines)
International Wire Group, Inc. (Mills & Partners) (Missouri)
Invex S.p.a. (Now Essex Italy SpA) (Italy)
Starting with "Io"
IPCE Fios E Cabos Elétricos Ltda (Not in English) (Brazil)
S.C. IPROEB S.A. (Romania)
IRCE S.P.A. (Italy)
Irish Driver-Harris Co. Ltd. (Ireland)
Irkutskkabel (Russia)
I-Sheng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd (Ta Gann Village, Taiwan)
Isotec Inc. (Illinois)
Italcabos Ltda (Cabos Automotivos) (Not in English) (Brazil)
Italian Cable Company (ICC) Rota Cavi, La Tuste SpA (Italy)
Italrecce - International Wire Group Inc. (Italy)
IW Inc. (Connecticut)
IWG High Performance Conductors (South Carolina)

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