Cable Companies Starting With "J"
Starting with "Ja"
Jaguar Industries, Inc. (New York)
Jai Bharat Industries (India)
Jainson Cables India Pvt. Ltd. (Mehsana, Gujarat, India)
Jalan Wires Private Limited (Mumbai, India)
James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation (Massachusetts)
JDR Cable Systems, Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Jeddah Cable Company (A Division of El Sweedy Industries) (Saudi Arabia)
Jiangnan Group Limited (Hong Kong, China)
Jiangsu Etern Company Ltd.(China)
Jiangsu Ganghong Electric Wire & Power Cable Co., Ltd. (Danyang City, China)
Jiangsu Hengtong Wire & Cable Technology Co. Ltd. (Jiangsu, China)
Jiangsu Jinhui Group (Jiangsu, China)
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu, China)
Jiangsu Silver & Tin Thread Hi-Temp Wire And Cables Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu, China)
Jiangsu Yuanfang Cable Factory (China)
Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Corporation (Jiangsu Province, China)
Jiangsu Zhongchao Holding Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Province, China)
Jiangsu Zhongtian Tech. (Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China)
Jiangsu Zhongtian Technologies Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Province, China)
Jiaxing Tition Electronic Wire Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing City, China)
Jinling Cable (Hangzhou Lin'an Jinling Cable Co.,Ltd) (Zhejiang, China)
Jin Long Yu Group (JLY Group Co., Ltd.) (Sheznzhen, China)
Jinshan Electric Wire & Cable Ltd. (China)
Starting with "Jj"
Jobarco B.V. (A Division of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding TKH) (Netherlands)
Jordan New Cable Company (JNC) (Jordan)
J-Power Systems Corporation (Hitachi and Sumitomo High Voltage) (Japan)
JSC Electrocable Works, Kolchugino (Russia)
JSC Irkutskkabel Irkutsk Region, Russia)
JSC Kirskabel (Not in English) (Russia)
JSC Wire & Cable (New Jersey)
Judd Wire Inc. (A Division of Sumitomo Electric Industries) (Massachusetts)

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