Cable Companies Starting With "N"
Starting with "Na"
Nambei Indústria De Condutores Elétricos Ltda (Not in English) (Brazil)
National Cables (India)
National Cables Pty Ltd (A General Cable Company)(Gauteng, South Africa)
National Wire & Cable Corporation (California)
Nehring Electrical Works Company (DeKalb, Ilinois)
Neolex Cables (India)
Neva Cables Ltd. (Russia) (A Draka Company)
Newage Cables (Pvt) Limited (Lahore, Pakistan)
New England Electric Wire Technologies (New Hampshire)
Nexans (France)
Nexans Canada / USA (Formerly Alcatel Canada Wire and Canada Wire and Cable Limited) (Ontario, Canada)
Nexans Do Brasil S.A. (Not in English) (Brazil)
Nexans Indelqui S.A. (Argentina)
Nexans Optel S.A.(Argentina)
Ngo Han Co. (Vietnam)
Ngoc Khanh Co., Ltd ( Goldcup Wire and Cable) (Hung Yen, Vietnam)
Nicco Cables (Owned by Prysmian Cables & Systems) (India)
Nigerchin Wire and Cable (Warri, Delta State, Nigeria)
Ningbo Cheery Trading Co.,Ltd (China)
Starting with "Nj"
NK Cables Ltd. (Formerly Nokia Cables) (A Draka Company) (Finland)
NK Cables USA Inc. (A Draka Company) (Texas)
NK RF Brasil (A Draka Company) (Not in English) (Brazil)
NKT Cables (Denmark)
NOCACO (Northern Cables Processing and Manufacturing Company) Limited (KADUNA, SOUTH NIGERIA) (Owned by Nexans Kabelmetal)
Norbert Kordes GmbH u. Co. (Germany)
Norco Cables (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) (Germany) (A US General Cable Company)
Nordix S.A. (Spain)
North Eastern Cables and Conductors Private Limited (A Member of the Khetan Group.) (India)
Northeast Wire & Cable Co. (New York)
Northern Cables Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
Northwire Inc (Wisconsin) (Owned by LEMO, Switzerland)
Novkabel A D (Yugoslavia)
Novofil SA (Not in English) (Spain)
Nuhas Oman LLC (Oman)

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