A member of the Wire Association International, Inc. since 1972.                           A lifetime member since 2004.
- Land, Buildings and Machinery Layout Designs and Drawings in AutoCAD® 2000. - New Plant Design by Machinery Layout Designs and Drawings in AutoCAD® 2000. - Technical Evaluation of Existing Production Machines: - By Comparative Productivity Analysis. - By Machine Utilization Analysis. - By the Price of Non-Conformance Analysis. - Analysis in Microsoft Excel®.   - Evaluation of Maintenance Effectiveness:- By Machine Utilization Analysis. - By Planned and Preventative Maintenance System Evaluation. - By Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) System Evaluation. - By Maintenance Repetitive Event Analysis. - By the Cost of Missing Maintenance Resource Analysis. - By the Price of Non-Conformance Analysis. - Analysis in Microsoft Excel®. - The Rebuild of Your Planned and Preventative Maintenance Programs. - The Rebuild of Your Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Program. - The Introduction and Start-Up of Preventative Maintenance Programs. - Introduction and Start-Up of Production Tooling Control Programs. - The Comparison of Similarly Designed Production Machines on a World Scale. - Anonymous Requests for Quotation. - Cost Analysis. - Purchase Recommendations. - Analysis in Microsoft Excel®.  
Custom Controls, Touch Panels And Screens    For An Extra High Voltage (EHV) CV Line.
Custom Clean Rooms And Clean Plastic Storage      For An Extra High Voltage (EHV) CV Line.
- Partial or Turnkey New and Used Machine Project Planning and Management: - Requests for Quotation from Suppliers and Contractors. - Capital Requirement Estimate. - Rate of Return on Investment Calculation. - Capital Request Submission. - Purchase and Installation Contract Negotiations. - Generation of Detailed Purchase and Performance Specifications to be appended to the Orders. - On-Site Installation Management with Reports. - Equipment Start-Up Support. - Operator and Maintenance Training. - Development of Process Manuals. - Productivity Verification Analysis. - Energy and Resource Conservation Evaluations with Recommendations and Plans of Action. - Solutions for Specialized Environmental Pollution Problems. - On-Site Plant Construction Management with Reports. - Interfacing with Fire Departments. (Familiarity - Tours, Materials in the Plant) - Studies and Recommendations re Peripheral Equipment to Increase Productivity. - Introduction and Set-Up of Advanced Reporting Systems in Microsoft PowerPoint®. - Project Planning (Microsoft Project) and On-Site Project Management.  
         Legend A  The Approach Angle B  The Reduction Angle C  The Bearing (Parallel Walls) D  The Back Relief Angle In Reality, The Intersections Of All Angles Are Blended.
We are a small engineering services company and our principal holds a four year university degree in mechanical engineering. He is professionally registered in the Province of Ontario and for more than 45 years and for the most part has practised plant and process engineering for multinational wire and cable companies. Moreover, his assigned projects have taken him all over the world. His expertise is in the manufacture of telephone cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, control cable, instrument cable, building wire, and low, medium, high and, extra-high voltage power cable (paper and plastic). He is the only engineer in the Western Hemisphere to have constructed a complete extra-high voltage MDCV (Mitsubishi Dainichi Continuous Vulcanizing) extrusion line, a horizontal continuous vulcanization machine capable of manufacturing up to 550 KV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable. This project also included such service equipment as advanced plastics handling clean rooms including plastics holding and conveying systems and the control (collection) and the destruction of crosslinking byproducts. He holds patents in both the United States and Canada and is a lifetime member of the Wire Association International, Inc.
The Profile Of A Diamond Drawing Die
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