We at Stewart-Hay Associates have heard those questions and many others time and time again.

Each time we investigated, we found out that in today's world, people just don't have the time to really learn the Windows® operating systems and the utilities that are built into them. Moreover, we found that if they have been on the Internet or shared files with others, they are very likely to have spyware on their computers. In fact, latest statistics suggest that at least 90% of the computers connected to the Internet today have Spyware on them.

Spyware often inhibits the installation of certain operating system updates such as Service Packs 2 or 3® in Windows XP® or Service Pack 1 in Windows Vista®. Spyware also often fights with or has dominated spyware removal software. Worse yet, some types of Spyware, called System Monitors, can capture virtually everything you do on your computer, from keystrokes, E-mail messages and chat room dialogue, to which sites you visit and which programs you run. System monitors usually run in the background so you don't even know you're being watched. The information gathered by these System Monitors is stored on your computer in an encrypted log file for later retrieval. Some programs can even E-mail the log files to other locations!

We are not computer repair technicians so if your computer has a hardware problem such as a broken monitor or printer, a damaged printed circuit board, a burned out memory stick or a broken cooling fan we will recommend an honest and reputable repair facility. Likewise we are not here to teach you Microsoft Office®, AutoCAD®, WordPerfect® or any other software package as there are plenty of places where you can get that sort of training, often with government subsidy.

What we are talking about here is the basic management of your computer through its operating system, your computer peripherals, their software and other computer utility programs so that everything you have is properly integrated and fully operational. Moreover, if something unusual happens to your computer system, we want you to know exactly what to do in order to manage the problem effectively, efficiently and with little, if any, anxiety or loss of data. In fact, if it is a software problem, we'll teach you how to have your system up and properly running again without loss of data in five minutes or less. We'll also keep the computer jargon to a bare minimum so you won't become lost in the tech terms and acronyms.

Click here to review the common warning signs associated with serious computer problems.

Stewart-Hay Associates also provides Internet Training so that you are really safe.

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