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We at Stewart-Hay Associates have heard these kinds of questions many times before and many others like them time and time again. Each time we investigated we found that, in today’s world, most people just don’t have the time to really learn their Windows’ operating system and the utilities that are built into that system. Moreover, we learned that if they have been on the Internet or shared files with others, they are very likely to have Spyware and/ or Computer Viruses on their computer and their saved files in other storage media. Spyware often inhibits the installation of certain operating system updates such as Service Packs. Spyware also often fights with or dominates spyware removal software thereby protecting itself. Worse yet, some types of spyware known as System Monitors, can capture virtually everything you do on your computer, from key strokes, to E-Mail messages, and onwards to Social Media Programs such as Twitter and Facebook. The information gathered by these System Monitors is encrypted and often sent by the Internet to some other location in the World where that information may be exploited. We are not computer repair technicians but if we find that you have some damage, we will recommend an honest, reputable, advanced and reasonably priced computer repair store to you. Likewise, we are no here to to teach you Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, WordPerfect or any other software package as there are plenty of places where you can that kind of training, often with Government financial support. What we are talking about here is the fundamental management of your computer and its operating system, your computer peripheral machines and software and other external programs so that everything you have is properly integrated and fully operational. Thus, if in the future, some computer problem occurs, you will be able to manage the issue by yourself with little anxiety and little if any loss of data.