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These are the primary warning signs associated with serious computer problems:
(1) - Your computer often crashes or seizes up for no apparent reason. (2) - Your computer sometimes starts up in "safe mode" for no apparent reason. (3) - Your computer is now starting up very slowly. (4) - Your computer is now running very slow for no apparent reason. (5) - Surfing the Internet is now very slow. (6) - You are suddenly getting warnings about insufficient memory or insufficient resources. (7) - You are having difficulty running multiple programs. (Multitasking) (8) - When shutting down, your computer has warned of more than one user. This is especially critical because it means         that someone else (A hacker) is also using your computer at the same time, perhaps as an illegal server. (9) - Downloading from the Internet is now very slow. (10) - Your Internet home page (The page that you start up with.) has  been changed somehow. (11) - You are getting "pop-up" text picture advertisements or communications sort of like Windows® "Critical Update Messages". (12) - Some peripherals such as scanners, web cameras or printers only work occasionally or just don't seem to engage at all. (13) - Your computer often seizes up during shut down process.
If you just really want to understand and tightly manage your computer and it's peripherals or, if you have a critical warning or more than one of the above symptoms; please contact us as soon as possible because you may be at risk of identity theft, serious computer damage, or of unknowingly performing some illegal Internet activity. It is best to contact us before your computer is in total disarray and needs to be reformatted. If you wait until the very end, you may lose your data, mail, contacts, favourites or bookmarks and downloaded programs. Don't let this happen to you. It is far cheaper and a lot more fun to learn how to properly manage and run your computer when everything is running well.