Maximum Web Exposure At Minimum Cost.

Can you really afford to be without a web site in today's world?

Our web sites are:

     - Professionally Prepared
     - Fully Documented
     - Economical
     - Thoughtful
     - Gorgeous
     - Effective
     - Reliable
     - Secure

We can provide you or your web site with:
     - Custom Graphics, Menus and Logos
     - Full Web Page Layout and Design
     - Embedded Royalty Free Music
     - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
     - Animated or Still Banners
     - Complete HTML Coding
     - Photo Modification
     - Animated GIFs
     - E-commerce
     - JavaScripts
     - Podcasting
     - Flash
We can also:

     - Research and Register Your Domain Name.
     - Provide Long Term Management with the Domain Name Registrar of Your Choice.
     - Find or Recommend the Right Web Site Host for You.
     - Set Up Your Web Site with Your Web Site Host of Choice.
     - Set Up Your E-mail Accounts and Teach You How to Automatically Access Them.
     - Provide Full Turnkey Services.
     - Provide Long Term Web Site Management.

Wherever you go on the Stewart-Hay Associates web site, you will find dynamic or (DHTML) effects and this is especially true when it comes to menus and buttons.

Stewart-Hay Associates can quickly build you custom horizontal or vertical menus regardless of the number of layers and your need for them to pull to the right, pull to the left or pull down.

We design custom buttons and custom graphics to enhance those buttons so if you are a web designer and frustrated with the never ending requirements for dynamic web menus and buttons, give us a call. We can help.

We will provide you with the images, scripts and the HTML 5 lines of code needed to seamlessly fit our designs into your web page. All that is required of you is your understanding of HTML 5 programming, the name of the sub-folder where you intend to store these images and your menu and button requirements.

If it's straightforward "mouse on", "mouse off" and, "on page" custom buttons you require for your own roll-over or hover scripts, we build these as well.

Finally we build cascading style sheets (CSS), animated banners and custom screen savers at reasonable cost. Give us a call.

You need to install the latest free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and download the documents listed on The 4 Steps to a Professional Web Site web page linked below. We recommend that you read this information carefully as we believe it very important for high quality, professional web sites. Remember that high quality does not mean over designed or filled with bells and whistles that actually slow the web site down and lose visitors or potential customers.

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