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A domain name is an internet address in alphabetic form and it should be chosen very carefully. An example is our domain name "Stewart-Hay.com". You must be very careful however of companies selling what they say are "new" sub-domains. (The letters to the right of the period.) Often these sub-domains do not exist today and are just in somebody's mind. The result of this hoax is that you lose your money. Moreover we recommend against investing in domain names that you think you can sell later on for big dollars. Because there are specific rules for selecting domain names, Stewart-Hay Associates will work with you to get you the name you want. For more information, see our Adobe Acrobat memo "Selecting A Domain Name" below.
A web hosting company sells server space and web services to companies and individuals who wish to present a web or an e-commerce presence but do not wish to maintain their own servers on the web. There are a number of factors to be considered when selecting a web hosting company so Stewart-Hay Associates will work with you to make sure you have a real, reliable and, responsible host at minimal cost. For more information, see our Adobe Acrobat memo "Selecting A Web Hosting Company" below.
Stewart-Hay Associates also strongly recommends against the use of free web hosting companies for many valid reasons and these have been documented in our Adobe Acrobat memo "Using A Free Web Host Company" below.
After Steps 1 and 2 are complete, Stewart-Hay Associates will design and build your web site to your liking using your photographs, information and data. We will also discuss graphics and menus with you so that we can develop a theme for your site. During the construction period you will be able to monitor the daily progress on the web and you will be able to make changes and modifications. At the end of the construction period, Stewart-Hay Associates will provide you with a full copy of your web site on CD-ROM including all software, passwords, host account numbers, FTP addresses, pictures and data. This disk should be stored in your safety deposit box. It is very important that you never reveal your host, account number and passwords.
Usually a web site is a "living entity" because it is filled with current information and data. Stewart-Hay Associates would be pleased to maintain your web site on a weekly or monthly basis at very reasonable cost. As before, a new CD-ROM will be issued each time a major change is made to your web site.